Monday, August 27, 2007

Fantasy Football Sleepers and Busts

by Steve

Everyone and their mother is having a fantasy football draft or just had one or knows someone who is having 2. To help you out I've scanned the internet phoned coaches, players, GM's, friends, uncles, even talked to the mail man to compile some sleepers and busts in FFL drafts.

The Sleepers

Rex Grossman - I mean we know he's gonna start. The defense is going to be giving them great field position, and can he get any worse? Well that or his confidence is shot for costing his team and city a Super Bowl ring.
Supplemental Picks: Leinart, Russell, Holcomb

Running Back
Cecil Sapp - He's #2 on the Broncos depth chart and can Travis Henry stay healthy a whole season? With 9 kids with 9 women you can't be shocked if he misses a game for another paternity test or court hearing for child support.
S.P. - Buckhalter, Garrett Wolfe, Verron Haynes, Chester Taylor

Wide Receiver
Brandon Marshall - I had to go with him because everyone and their mother is calling him a sleeper. Which usually means he won't be a sleeper and tear his knee in week 2.
Roddy White, Curry, Jones, Bowe, Holmes

Tight End
Bo Scaife - He was getting mad looks for VY in the preseason game against the Bills. He dropped a TD and caught one. Plus you only need a back up tight end for like 1 week.
McMichael, Franks

The Raiders - The awfense is gonna be awful so the defense will be looked to even things about at least a little bit. Plus, they were good last year.

The Busts

Jake Delhomme - Yeah he got his team to the Super Bowl a few years ago, but what has he done since? He is due to take a big step back and be exposed as a really mediocre QB.
Losman, Harrington, Smith

Running Back
Joseph Addai - Can he handle being the feature back without Rhodes? Did he peak in the Super Bowl? Manning wants to throw touchdowns, and I can't picture Addai picking up that tough 99th yard to get into the endzone with frequency.
Parker, Lynch, Peterson

Wide Receiver
Any Rookie - How often do they make an impact (as some informed reader pointed out in a different comment) ? There were a lot of WRs taken to, Meachem, Bowe, Ginn Calvin Johnson etc.

Tight End
Daniel Graham - Brady made him, and now Cutler will break him. Cogs in a system work well within a certain system, exposed to outside the system and they fail.
Any TE for the Bills, Raiders, and Falcons

Minnesota - Is it just me or does it seem like that defense is getting older at double the rate of the norm?

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