Saturday, August 4, 2007

Thurman Thomas enters the Hall of Fame

by Steve

Well, its a year too late but Thurman Thomas is finally entering the Hall of Fame. He was arguably the best player on the Bills Super Bowl teams. Granted he only had one good Super Bowl performance and arguably caused them the 4th one, but Thurman was first ballot material.

Here are some stats of Thurman's compiled by the Buffalo News:

  • 7th all time yards from scrimmage 16,532
  • 12th all time rushing 12,074
  • 2nd all time in post season yards from scrimmage 2,114
  • 3rd in post season rushing yards 1,442
  • 2nd in post season touchdowns 21
  • Most rushing yards in a single game 214 vs. the Jets 9/24/1990
  • Most receiving yards in a single game 150 at Cleveland in the playoffs 1/6/1990
  • Most rushing attempts in a single game 37 vs. Pittsburgh 11/8/1992
Interesting Thurman factoids:
  • Finished his career with the hated Miami Dolphins
  • Never amassed more than 11 rushing touchdowns in a season
  • Was drafted 40th overall
  • Dropped to the Bills in the second round because of an alleged knee injury.
  • Compiled 113 total yards in his first NFL game.
  • Lead the league in total yards from scrimmage 4 consecutive years
  • Referred to himself as the Michael Jordan of the Bills after missing a mandatory Presser prior to the Super Bowl. (This arguably cost him first ballot entrance into the HOF)
  • Nearly and actually pretty much did have his career ended by ass-hole Doug Flutie tossing his patented lobber to him in the flat leaving Thurman out to dry nearly destroying his liver.
  • Ran for 1000 yards 8 consecutive years.
Dude was a straight beast. He was not only a rare one of a few runner but also a pass catching running back few in the history of the sport that can compare. The Bills offense ran through Thurman Thomas. If I didn't have to go to a wedding reception right now I would be in Canton rooting for my boy.

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