Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Buffalo Bills @ Redskins preseason preview

by Steve

Don't look now but NFL season is right around the corner. In fact the National Football League preseason has already started. The Bills start their preseason Friday at FedEx Field at 7:30 vs the Washington Redskins.

True the preseason doesn't mean much of anything but when you've gone 8 months without a football game not to mention a regime change you gotta tune in. We get to see our dream head coach (Mike Shanahan) vs our nightmare (maybe a little too strong) head coach Chan Gailey make their debuts with new teams. Also we get to see our dream quarterback (Donovan McNabb) vs our nightmare quarterback (Trent Edwards). Kill me now.

Well, at least we didn't pay that fat piece of shit Haynesworth $100,000,000.00. And despite the glaring discrepancy in coach and QB talent the two teams aren't that far apart.

Portis is old as shit, McNabb might be washed up, Santana Moss isn't good, they have no #2 WR, the defense isn't great, they're in a tough division and they have the high expectations that come with a huge payroll. Furthermore the Redskins have a terrible meddling owner. Doesn't sound so great does it?

Enough about the 'skins, here's what to watch for on the Bills side of the ball:
  • New defensive 3-4 scheme means most players are playing new positions.
  • Mitchell is on the outside looking in for a starting spot at ILB
  • Can Kelsay play OLB?
  • Is Stroud capable of playing 3-4 DE?
  • Who is going to come in behind apparent starting QB Trent Edwards?
  • Will CJ Spiller get any touches after practicing less than a week?
  • Who is the 2nd and 3rd WRs (Hardy and Easley our out for the game)?
  • Is Leodis McKelvin going to get beat out by Drayton Florence as CB #2?
  • Does Donte Whitner still suck?
  • Aaron Maybin
  • And don't sleep on that huge battle at fullback between Corey McIntyre and Rodney Ferguson.


  1. Clinton Portis is 28

  2. Corey McIntyre has that shit locked down. He's my number one fullback.

  3. hahahahha g g g g g gunit!!!! Ralph dont die/... beast mode dont get arrested... should be a successful pre season.. .and please dont have fast freddy returingin fukin kicks ahhhh

  4. Welcome Back T-Wreck!

  5. his name isn't fast freddy, and the bills are +4.5