Sunday, August 1, 2010

Buffalo Bills training camp report 8/1/10

by Steve

I made the yearly pilgrimage down the 90 to St John Fisher for Buffalo Bills training camp. It was about the same as usual. Hot, not the easiest to get to, got lost on the way and took some pictures that always seem better when you're actually there.

Quick hits:

  • Some dude started shouting at Marshawn Lynch heckling him. "Hey Marshawn, I got a $20, you gonna take it, you gonna take my $20"? And on and on, Lynch got visibly pissed off said something to him but mainly stayed quiet and walked away. The guy was chirping pretty much the whole time he was there. He had a back and forth with George neck beard Wilson but it was more chummy then nasty.
  • Aaron Maybin looks small. Not short but just under sized. I gave him a couple "give the money back" chirps for good measure.
  • None of the quarterbacks impressed. Trent appears to be the front runner and it probably isn't that close unfortunately. Levi Brown has a bit of a cannon but his accuracy was clearly not as good as the other three. Brohm wasn't noticeable.
  • Marshawn Lynch looked big but not too big.
  • Chan Gailey looked annoying but not as annoying as Jauron. He also ran a much better camp than Jauron. I noticed a much higher level of intensity and much more hitting.
  • Stevie Johnson looked taller than I thought. James Hardey and Marcus Easley seem long. The WR corps might not be as awful as we think.
  • Chad Jackson has hops. He jumped for a ball thrown way over his head and he nearly caught it right in front of me.
  • Where the hell is Spiller?
  • Hot dogs cost $2.50 and they weren't Sahlen's. FML. Pop/water was $3.00 c'mon. I probably should have gotten the two roast beef sandwiches for $6.00.
  • The crowd was pretty good, lot of families and awful old Bills jerseys like London Fletcher, Doug Flutie, McGahee etc etc.
  • Poz did some wind sprints and nothing else. Is this guy officially injury prone glass? He looks way different sans long lettuce.
Nothing real exciting and uh well it is practice, so we're talkin about practice.


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  2. Nothing wrong with some old Flutie jerseys in the crowd. He's clearly the 2nd best quarterback we've had here in the past 20 years. Hell, just suit him up now and you have your Week 1 starting QB set.

  3. rojo's last play in the playoffs, trotting of the field with the lead, doug flutie, fumbling away the game