Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Buffalo Bills 2012 mock draft compilation

As we all know the Buffalo Bills draft 10th overall in the 2012 NFL draft and it is only 98 days away. Some evidently are assuming we're staying 3-4 because Upshaw is a prototypical 3-4 guy (and of course walterfootball takes a swipe). But here is a mock draft compilation from the major draft sites showing who they think the Bills will draft:

Mel Kiper
Courtney Upshaw OLB/DE, Alabama 6'2 265
"Buffalo did well when it drafted Alabama defensive tackle Marcell Dareus with its first pick last year, but the pass rush still needs a lot of help. Upshaw is currently the best 3-4 outside linebacker in the draft, and he should be able to apply a lot of pressure to opposing quarterbacks from the edge for whoever gets him for 2012. No Buffalo player had more than 5.5 sacks in 2011, and the Bills simply can't get enough pressure without bringing extra players. Upshaw is a part of the solution. This is a big-time talent, a player who already was making an impact at Alabama as a freshman. He'll follow a similar path as a pro."

Courtney Upshaw OLB/DE, Alabama
This is a reach, but we've seen the Bills do crazy things on Draft Day before. One thing this front office has been infamous of is telegraphing its picks. Chan Gailey repeatedly mentioned acquiring a running back prior to the 2010 NFL Draft, and sure enough, he picked C.J. Spiller despite having Marshawn Lynch and Fred Jackson on the roster.

Gailey has recently harped about not being able to get to the quarterback, and it's easy to understand why. No one on the team finished with more than 5.5 sacks on the year.

Courtney Upshaw is currently the top pass-rusher available in the wake of his MVP performance in the so-called national championship. He'll be the preferred prospect if the Bills want to run a 3-4.

Todd McShay
Riley Reiff, OT, Iowa 6'6 300

Though the Bills' offensive line has often been denounced, it really isn't that terrible. Chris Hairston didn't play badly at left tackle, and Buffalo has several decent offensive linemen.

However, Riley Reiff is a solid value here and Buffalo's offensive line isn't exactly great. There aren't any great options for the Bills, so they go with the "safe" pick. (via bleacherreport)

Bucky Brooks (
Jonathan Martin OT, Stanford 6'6 304

Andrew Perloff (
Quinton Coples DE, UNC, 6'6 285
Coples disappointed some scouts this season, but the Bills need more pressure up front and he has a lot of natural talent. The big question with Coples is attitude. He'll have to prove he wants it in pre-draft interviews.


  1. so this is a mock draft?
    do the bills only get 1 pick?
    i hope he's better than Maybin
    bucky brooks -bills alum holla- is on

  2. After re-signing SJ13 the Bills need to sign another WR like a Mario Manningham or Robert Meachem. I wouldn't go near OL in the first. Dre Kirkpatrick just got busted for getting high hopefully he's there for the Bills to pick.

  3. dre.... how about a pov compilation janis u toolbox

    1. wtf are these comments? fuck off

  4. My personal Bills 2012 mock draft:

    Round 1: OT Riley Reiff
    Round 2: JLB Vinny Curry
    Round 3: WR Marvin McNutt, Jr
    Round 4: CB Donnie Fletcher
    Round 4: DE Brett Roy
    Round 5: C David Molk
    Round 6: QB Chandler Harnish
    Round 6: TE David Paulson
    Round 7: WR Keshawn Martin

    1. Another 6th round TE? Gimme a break. Pats proved- take one in the 2nd maybe 3rd