Monday, January 9, 2012

Buffalo Sabres Midseason report

by Steve

Oh jeez Louise. Are the Buffalo Sabres more disappointing than the Buffalo Bills? In August there was no way that statement could be true because there was no appointment for the Bills. They were supposed to be pitiful so they couldn't disappoint. Wait what? I don't know either way after 41 games (the statistical midpoint) the Sabres are far and away the most disappointing and pitiful team in Buffalo.

Fourth in the division, eleventh in the conference seven points out of last and NINE 9! points behind the Ottawa Senators. What prognosticators had that one before the season started? Oh, maybe I did.

This team was grossly overrated to begin with. Their fan boy owner is as blind as Stevie Wonder. How the fuck could any Sabres fan or hockey observer possibly have any faith in Lindy Ruff and Darcy Regier? Fourteen seasons together wasn't enough of a track record to realize these two are losers?

Ryan Miller has flashes of greatness but is average at best. Wait, 36th in the league in GAA isn't hall of fame worthy? Alright fine what about save percentage, ouch 37th. Could we get some new paint for the blue lines for this guy at this point?

Well at least we still have Derek Roy, Jochen Hecht, Jason Pominville and Thomas Vanek as the solid core to lead this team to the promised land. There was no way we could possibly allow Drew Stafford to be signed by someone else in restricted free agency either. I mean these guys are all studs.

The only one worth a damn out of that group is Vanek and all five are over paid. What does Regier see in this "core" that I don't? Well other than losing.

This team doesn't just need to fire their coach or make a trade or two they need the nuclear option. Has Iran or North Korean perfected a bomb yet? No they'll have to wait a few more years just like Sabres fans.

This is the worst part about having a fan boy owner. I didn't trust/love this guy from the start because he was too in love with the foundations of the franchise and too reluctant to make changes. He couldn't possibly fire his idol Lindy Ruff and he knows if he recast the position of general manager that too would mean the end to his beloved Lindy.

Alright fine, Terry Pegula hasn't even been the owner for a full calendar year but how much of a pattern does he need until he realizes this core, this coaching staff, this management team is a failure and will not bring him his desired cup?

Fourteen more years? Funny how the goal has gone from Stanley Cup to just making the playoffs yet again.

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  1. Derek Roy has one of the best contracts for a team in the NHL. He's having a shitty year. Still not as bad as Erhoff, Miller, Myers. Robyn Regher does what? Shit he's a guy Canadian hockey guy likes because he's gritty and doesn't matter. Paul Gaustad couldn't play for a peewee travel squad.