Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Buffalo Sabres season starts with a win

by Steve

If MSG doesn't exist on Time Warner Cable does anyone notice? The Buffalo Bills season is officially over so that means the Sabres season officially starts. If they played any games before this you could have fooled me because I didn't notice.

They beat the upstart Edmonton Oilers 4-3 at least I think because I was watching it on a choppy probably illegal internet feed. I even had to watch the Edmonton broadcast for the second period for some reason. (They were bent about their goal that got waived off because of "goalie interference" which their one guy called the worst call he's seen.)

Taking a gander at the nhl.com standings the Sabres have played 38 games?? Maybe their season is actually over too. God damn. If this team is 4 games under .500 how does Lindy Ruff still have a job? How has no one been traded? Darcy Regier is still the general manager? Did Terry Pegula die?

How is every year the worst in Buffalo sports history?

Quick notes from the game:
  • Lil Nathan Gerbe had a nice (turns out to be game winning) goal on a partial breakaway
  • Millsie Miller was meh and gave up his typical three goals.
  • Paul Gaustad sucks.
  • Some how Drew Stafford even scored even if it was a cheapy in front of the net with a crowd around the puck. Although he had a nice feed to suddenly hot Jordan Leopold for a goal on the power play.
  • Taylor Hall is a beast

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