Monday, March 5, 2012

Buffalo Bills resign Stevie Johnson 5 years $36.25 mil

by Steve

So there is still loyalty in professional sports, who knew? Maybe Stevie Johnson is just a different kinda bird. He mentioned loyalty a couple of times during the press conference announcing his new 5 year $36.25 ($19 million guaranteed) contract down at OBD.

He was the 224th overall pick and had to fight for 3 seasons just to get any playing time. Had two breakout seasons and was poised to hit the open market. We don't know if the Bills were going to use the franchise tag or not but it seems likely they would have. But, why not make the Bills make the move first or at least test out the free agency waters.

I have to give SJ13 big props for doing things differently than what we as sports fans are all accustomed to in pro sports these days. He showed loyalty to Buffalo and the organization that drafted him and made him who he is.

Wait, $7.25 million per for a guy who has one game losing drop per season and dumbass penalties after less than meaningful touchdowns? $95 million combined for Fitzpatrick and Johnson for an average of five wins a seasons?

I kid, I kid, sorta. At least I don't have to burn that white #13 jersey and I was right all along that this contract was going to get done. Although it is still a bit shocking that the Bills actually paid a semi-big free agent of their own. The Bills actually made the right move for a change. Maybe it helps to have an actual general manager in Bud Nix instead of a marketing wizard or old ass head coach running the franchise.

Also did anyone else hear Johnson say his wife's nickname was big bear? And Buddy Nix saying the wide receiver corps is good and they don't really need to sign another wide receiver?

Is Marcus Easley the greatest WR in practice of all time or something?

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