Sunday, March 11, 2012

St Bonaventure advances to NCAA tournament

by Stevie Brackets

The Bonnies of St Bonaventure defeated Xavier soundly in a 67-56 thumping to advance to the NCAA tournament for the first time in over a decade.

Possible first round draft pick Andrew Nicholson was again outstanding. He put the team on his back with a near triple double including 26 points.

Despite a ton of turnovers Bona controlled play throughout the game. The difference was at the charity stripe as Bonaventure went 22-25 compared to 14-19 for the Muskateers.

The refs in the game were questionable mid way through the second half when it seemed like they were openly rooting for Xavier. Maybe I'm just a homer but for a few minutes there it seemed like there wouldn't be a foul called on X. But once it appeared the Bonnies weren't going away they realized they had to call it more straight up.

The dagger in the game came when hot head Mark Lyons took a terribly undisciplined 5th foul in the final minutes. We should all remember Lyons from earlier in the year with the brawl against Cincinnati. Just watch the post game presser..

From a national perspective the Bonnies stole a bid from a team like SoFlo or Drexel but tough titties who cares.

The Bonnies are dancing lets just hope it won't be in a play in game which Stevie Brackets doesn't foresee.

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  1. Ha.. no way the Bonnies are in the play-in game. Don't forget, two play in games are for the last AT-LARGE teams in.