Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Is the Preseason over yet?

by Steve

Is it possible to not over evaluate these endlessly boring preseason games?  The Buffalo Bills didn't even freakin' run the ball once with the first team offense on the field in preseason game 1.  Do we really think that is what the offense will look like in the regular season?

I blame all these blogs/twitter/internet/sports talk radio (ha).  This shit is so annoying and boring it isn't bearable (kinda like the recent Rick Ross album).  Wasn't the new CBA supposed to cut the preseason to two games and add two regular season games? Damn it.

Thankfully I won't be able to watch the "game" this Friday night.  Although I won't be able to complain about how terrible the scab refs are (aren't the real ones terrible too though?).  I won't be able to bitch about Fitzpatrick's accuracy (62% last season) or the offensive line's ineptitude (two of the supposed starting five didn't play last week).  I'll survive missing that torture and probably will forget there was even a game.

At least training camp is over today which means we're getting closer and closer to September.  Ugh, how miserable is that Detroit game going to be 8/30 only five days after the Steelers game?  I'm goin back to bed until 9/9/12.

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