Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Bills half way through preseason

by Steve

There has been some news this week, mid way through the Buffalo Bills preseason schedule, that shouldn't have come as a shock to anyone. Shawne Merriman was cut, Vince Young was named the backup and Cordy Glenn has been anointed the starting left tackle.

Merriman is over paid, hasn't done anything in nearly half a decade, is more fragile than granny with one good eye, and isn't a 4-3 defensive end.  Would I have liked him to stay on the team and get 5-7 sacks? Maybe, but not if it meant he'd be on the field for 8 plays and doing nothing against the run.  It was time to stop giving that dude another dollar.

Vince Young vs Tyler Thigpen may have been the biggest joke heading into camp.  The real competition should have been between VY and Ryan Fitz-noodle-arm Fitzpatrick.  Good luck waiting for a better arena league to form Ty.

The right tackle, Eric Pears, has been hurt most of camp, Cordy Glenn was drafted in the second round specifically to be the left tackle and Chris Hairston is a natural right tackle. Seems pretty obvious Nix and Gailey would do just about anything to make sure Glenn starts week 1 at LT.  We'll see but at least he'll be taking all the reps at the position until he lines up against Aaron Maybin 9/9.

Is 43,267 season ticket holders an impressive numbers?  I think the Bills are a bit disappointed but hey it's a 15% increase!  Those four late home games will not sell out so don't get used to seeing them on TV non-season ticket holders.

Why is Josh Nesbitt still listed as being on the roster?


  1. Miami on Thursday night will sellout.

  2. Agree with the previous poster. The Toronto game is not subject to the blackout restrictions, so which four late home games will not sell out?