Monday, April 22, 2013

2013 NFL Draft What the Bills should do

by Steve

I already gave you the things the Bills shouldn't do this week in the 2013 NFL Draft.  So here is my list of things they should do.  Even though they won't.

    Trade down! Accumulate draft picks.  This franchise is so replete with mediocrity it is astounding.  More picks gives the team the off chance of accidentally selecting someone talented.  Is moving down to 29 to Atlanta too far is the only question.
    Geno Smith if he is there.  Yeah yeah yeah, he lost to Nassib and Marrone in the prestigious Pinstripe Bowl in the snow.   He has a deliberate delivery.  The guy is the best QB in a down year for QBs.  The reason previously to avoid QBs in the first was because of their salary.  That isn't a concern any more, take 'em.  If he sucks in two years draft another one.

Draft more than one quarterback.  If we know anything it is that the Bills don't know how to draft.  The only way to possibly over come that is by drafting more than one QB.  Logically that would diminish the odds the Bills draft the wrong quarterback. 

Take a defensive player (not a safety) from the SEC.  Just because Marcell Darius was a bust doesn't mean the next defensive player from the best conference in college football will be (even if that means CB Milliner).  Who knows, maybe Stephon Gilmore won't be a bust.

Drafting defense is the fail safe (or at least as fail safe as this organization can be).  If they will never have a franchise QB again then the only other way to at least make it to the playoffs is via a great defense.  Going that route every single year will eventually pay off.

I still say trade down, but if not, then reach for a tight end.  The consensus top tight end of this draft is Notre Dame beast Tyler Eifert.  Multiple "expert" mock drafters have slotted Eifert in the top ten as recently as today.  Sooo evidently that wouldn't be a reach?

Worst comes to worst draft someone that has been arrested and is falling down draft boards because of alleged poor character.  Alec Ogeltree anyone?

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