Thursday, April 25, 2013

Buffalo Bills Draft EJ Manuel 16th overall

by Steve

Erik James Manuel Jr get on board!

The Bills don't draft the guy I hated Ryan Nassib but reached for EJ Manuel.  His accuracy is meh, he is huge and he is a mobile QB. 6'5 237

I don't love the pick but I don't like it.  I don't want him to start day 1 unless he truly out performs the other 3 quarterbacks on the roster.  He needs work.

a. He is from the ACC
b. He is a loser (4-0 in meaningless bowl games)
c.  I don't like that weird pencil mustache

What is Doug Marrone thinking right now?  He clearly couldn't convince Bud Nix and Doug Whaley that he was a real QB in the National Football League.  So glad it wasn't Matt Barkley.

None of us know but we'll see.  This will be an interesting 3 years. AND THANK GOD IT WASN'T A FUKING GUARD!

2 picks in the second round tomorrow starts at 6:30

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