Saturday, July 27, 2013

2013 Bills Training Camp Preview: EJ Manuel v Kevin Kolb

by Steve

The only real question that needs to be answered during the Buffalo Bills training camp: Who is going to be the starting quarterback? At this point there is no obvious answer.

The Dougs (Marrone and Whaley) have said all along it is going to be an open competition, Erik James Manuel versus Kevin Kolb.  Rookie v veteran, potential franchise quarterback v journeyman, good v evil?

I don't know one person that actually wants Kevin Kolb to start the season as the starting QB (outside of maybe his wife and other family members).  Kolb is a bum, a nobody, a guy that got paid big time in Arizona and flopped almost immediately.

EJ Manuel, the 16th overall pick, is supposed to be the franchise QB this town has been begging for since '96.  He is the hope this franchise desperately needs.  If he can't beat out Kolb as the starting quarterback does that doom him before he even plays a real NFL game?

I don't think so.  Yes, ideally he looks like a boss from day one and separates himself from Kevdog but it isn't a necessity. I won't be outraged if Kolb is the starter v New England 9/8.  Maybe Kolb isn't a total piece of shit and can play adequately enough that the Bills are competitive.  Who knows, maybe they could win 9 games with ol' whats his name playing all 16 games.

Either way, there is practically no way Kolb stays healthy the whole year so there is no doubt Manuel will see the field in 2013 any way.  Furthermore, if Kolb is a flop after beating Manuel out in camp they'll bench his ass and it will be EJ's turn.

If I were running the team I would have named Manuel the starter from day one and scrapped any idea of a QB competition.  He was the Bills first round pick (even if they traded back from their original position).  Every year rookies start and succeed and especially in recent years.  But that's not what the Dougs wanted so now they are stuck with a competition.  Who ever looks better has to be the starter from day one or they lose their credibility.

My prediction is Kolb starts.  He'll play 6 or so games probably go 2-4 or get hurt and Manuel will be the starter from then on.  Best case scenario is Manuel beats out ol' Kolb-er and is a beast.  I'll keep my fingers crossed.

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