Sunday, July 7, 2013

Is Darcy Regier Alive?

by Steve

If not for the recent trade of some guy I never heard of for over paid over aged Henrik Tallinder I would truly be wondering if Darcy Regier didn't get caught in a ravine on a hike like that 127 hours guy.

Why is Regier even the GM still?  Wait, never mind, don't answer that, because you can't.  And because I have been asking that question since 2006.  A more realistic question might be why is Ryan Miller still on the team?  Why is Thomas Vanek still on the team?  Why have the Sabres done nothing since the draft?

I thought I was beyond incredulity with Darc.  I didn't think his ineptitude and failure could prompt me to yet again write the same things.  I guess even I am wrong from time to time.

Look around the new "division" the Sabres are in and you will see teams making moves all over the place.  Toronto, Detroit, Tampa, fuck, even Florida (well sorta, I guess).  What has Darc done besides get ol' threesome Hank back?  (Spare me your "it will fix Myers" bullshit)  I can't wait to see pictures of Toni Lydman at the airport tomorrow christ.

Bottoming out and rebuilding makes sense,  I get it.  But wasn't that what the Sabres were doing the past 2 seasons?  They didn't make the playoffs, Regier said that was the plan when they shipped Gaustad outta here.  How long is it going to take?

Death, taxes, Darcy Regier as the Sabres GM, and zero winning in the city of Buffalo, all certainties in life.


  1. Steve complaining about virtually everything is another certainty in life.

  2. What is your list of things to not complain about? This is buffalo, ny!