Wednesday, July 24, 2013

New Buffalo Bills parking lot restrictions

By Steve

Got our season tickets in the mail with a letter explaining the new "fan enhancement" policy for tailgating.  Of course this new bullshit isn't even on their official website yet but probably will be updated soon.

Briefly, no more drinking or smoking while waiting in line to get into the stadium.  They request you refrain from bringing bottles.  No more binge drinking. No more kegs.  No more funnels. No more binge drinking games.  Basically dont park in the real lots any more.

The Bills do realize they are a joke and barely exist right? They realize a large percent of their fans show up for their piece of shit product just to tailgate right? No binge drinking, huh?!?

To enforce these new rules they will have 128 MORE security guards at each game and will have camera surveilence.

Umm so see you in the grass lots folks.

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