Monday, November 18, 2013

Bills 37 Jets 14

By Steve

Wait, there was a fun day at the Ralph against Rex Ryan and the Jets? There was a meaningless fourth quarter because the Bills so clearly had the win locked down? Rare

EJ so clearly out played Geno smith it almost, almost, made me completely forget about their first matchup. But in fact these two Jets Bills games were almost identical with the home team beating down their opponent.

I'm not going to say the Bills played a perfect game because they didn't (like Marrone messing up the clock, the running game and specifically Spiller doing diddly poo and a guy falling from the sky) but this was indeed a great game and a great win. The Jets looked lost in all aspects of the game except their run decense and Geno looked like, well, a Bills quarterback.

Manuel finally hit some deep balls, even if one was a duck the beleagured TJ Graham had to make a nice play on just to catch, but Erik actually looked a bit like a balla.

Some quick hits:

Have the Bills contacted Byrd's agent yet (even tho they technically cant)?

Does Scott Chandler need new gloves? Geez

How bad do those losses to the Bengals and Chiefs feel now?  Ugh.

2-2 in the division this late in the season? Rare.

Go 8-8 and I wont hate my life

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