Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Week 13 Buffalo Bills Power Ranking Compilation

ESPN 24:
The Bills leap frog the Browns and move up a spot yet still are behind the Jets, hmm.
"Buffalo had a plus-4 turnover margin in the Week 11 win over the Jets. The Bills hadn't posted a plus-4 since Week 16 of 2011 against Denver."

CBS 25:
No movement after the bye but still a few spots behind the Jets AND the Browns, ouch.
"It's all about EJ Manuel's improvement in the last five games. They need to build on that."

Fox Sports 24:
Buffalo took a major step backward during the bye falling two spots, they are also behind the Jets and Dolphins.  Literally all Billick did this week was put the teams in order of their schedule.  Does he get paid?
"The Bills have a favorable three-game stretch with the Falcons, Bucs and Jags on the horizon."

Walterfootball doesn't give us much this week except dropping the Bills two spots:
"22. Buffalo Bills (4-7). Previously: #20 "

PFT 24:
No movement after the bye and evidently the D&B story still has legs:
"I wonder if any of the Bills players made a bye-week trip to Dave & Buster’s?"

Yahoo! Sports 24:
Three spot plummet while being idle yet optimism:
"With their schedule, I'm still not ruling out the Bills being 8-7 going into the finale and hoping the Patriots have their playoff seeding locked up."

Average spot 23.8 with 3 sites moving the Bills down lower in their rankings after the bye, one up and two in the same position. Huh?  And how are the Jets ahead in all but one?

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