Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Farewell Darcy Regier

By Steve

Honestly I never thought I would ever be able to write this blog. The hatred and vitriol I have for this man has almost faded in time. The guy even out lasted my ire. I gave up. Death, taxes, Darc as Sabres gm. I don't remember anything else.

But today he was finally canned. Fanboy Terrance finally woke up and realized he had to fire his beloved failure of a GM. What changed, why now, what took so long? We'll probably never know but finally that boil was burned off even if it was 2 years 6 months and 21 days (or whatever Ted blacks's count was) too late.

Lets face it, Pegula should have done this on day one. Knox should have done this in 2000 after the Peca debacle. He even survived when the NHL owed the team. Golisano should have done this after 7/1/2007. This guy would have survived the holocast, the plague and the Noah's ark flood on the same day!

How was he employed for 16+ years?!??!?
Yeah he made a few good trades (Drury, Briere, Moulson) and rebuilt teams in to contenders. But he botched so many things, tanked so many seasons and moved too slowly too many times. He needed to be removed many times over if only for the simple idea of a new set of eyes on the franchise.

Finally it happened. I wouldn't be surprised if students study his tenure here in the future and write thousand page dissertations on how and why he survived so long. All I know is I may never forget 11/13/2013.WO0T


  1. You're lucky he even generally managed for you bastards. Leave Darcy alone!!

    -Andrew Stafford

  2. a few good trades? warrener, gratton, barnes, gilmore and dumont for grosek... but keeping vanek for 4 1st rounders was the beginning of his demise. LaFontaine is to the buffalo sabres what Pat Roy is to the Aves