Friday, May 9, 2014

Bills Trade Stevie Johnson to 49ers

By Steve

WTF? That was fast. Not unsurprising after last nights debacle but the Bills trading Stevie Johnson to the 49ers for a conditional 2015 4th round pick is still surprising.

Just imagine if the Jaguars draft Watkins.. the Bills keep next years first, dont trade Stevie Johnson and are better at wide receiver in 2014 than they are right now.

The conditional fourth is actually more than I thought the Bills could even get. Why did they pay Johnsons $2 mil (or so) roster bonus earlier this year? Why not keep him for this season? They know he costs $10 million against the salary cap this season now right?

This move reeks of Morrone and Whaley (both incompetant) not liking Stevie Johnson. So what does that mean to me?

When the Bills go 6-10 next season and don't have a first round pick and arguably have to replace Erik Manuel do they really trust Whaley and co to get his replacement?

Of course not. It means another new regime who wants his own players (ie trade Watkins) and the new GM wont have a first round pick which would thus effect the quality of the GM we could hire.

This is all avoided if the Bills (gasp) win. Im not confident or predicting that but Ill hope against hope thats the case. And hey, maybe they'll give Manuel a 3rd year if he flops this season.

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