Monday, May 5, 2014

Players the Bills Shouldn't Draft

by Steve

The draft (FINALLY) is in three days.  Here is my draft big board, but I digress.  Let's move on to the players I don't think the Buffalo Bills should draft (specifically in the first round [and more specifically at number 9 overall]):

The second best offensive tackle available.
There are rumors of the Bills being interested in taking (gasp) Zack Martin from Notre Dame.  Martin, from what I gather, is about the fourth best tackle available (and may be the fourth tackle drafted).  This could quite possibly be the worst draft pick since the 80s.  Not only isn't it Taylor Lewan (arguably the best tackle sans off the field legal issues) or Greg Robinson (the actual top tackle) but the fourth fucking tackle off the board! Doing something so dumb and pointless as drafting the fourth tackle in the top 10 is worse than the CJ Spiller, Mike Williams and John McCargo draft selections.  Even the third OT off the board is a horrid proposition.

Sammy Watkins
(if Mike Evans is still on the board)  Watkins might be the better WR overall but Evans is the type of player the Bills need much more than a Sammy Watkins.  Evans is at least four inches taller than Watkins and a straight up beast. He may be slower and less explosive but his size is the prototype of what the Bills are sorely lacking. This section also includes any other WR available at 9 not named Evans because Im not interested.

Any defensive lineman
(not named Clowney)  The Bills don't need a defensive tackle or a defensive end this high unless it is the top player at the position like Clowney.  Dareus and the Williams boys will be around for at least two more seasons and likely a few more than that.  Address the position on Friday or Saturday.

Any other defensive player
(not named Mack or Clowney)  A safety would seem like a waste because they could have just over paid Byrd.  Another linebacker besides Khalil Mack isn't good value at 9 and wouldn't make a huge difference at least right away.  A cornerback would be very Bills thing of the Bills to do but again it isn't a major concern.  Besides, if Doug Whaley and co. like any other defensive player they could quite possibly move down several spots, get an extra pick, and find a very good defensive player (Clinton-Dix,  Mosley, Barr, Dennard or Roby).

Any Quarterback
I say this with hesitation because drafting a quarterback at nine would be awesome.  It would be the biggest surprise I could possibly imagine other than the Bills trading up into the top three. Are any of the quarterbacks in this draft elite? Are any of them legit franchise guys? Probably one or two but taking one at 9 basically ends Manuel's career in Buffalo after ten games and flies in the face of everything Whaley has said lately. Manziel might be tempting but do we really want an overhyped undersized asshole as the new face of the franchise (ummm maybe?)?

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