Monday, September 1, 2014

Who is in with a chance of winning the 2014 World Series?

Although the actual games have now started in MLB 2014, the betting started much earlier than late March. A lot of dedicated baseball fans who double as sports betting enthusiasts, would have been checking out the online bookies just as closely as the off-season arrivals and departures at the clubs likely to be in contention this year. Most of the sides tipped to be real World Series contenders – including the Dodgers and the Tigers – had fairly quiet off-seasons. However there was a notable exception amongst these clubs.

The Yankees, who are around fifth favourites at 16/1, were extremely busy in rebuilding their roster ahead of the 2014 season. It is unarguable that this was necessary, but it means a lot of new faces have to bed in very quickly. The Tigers signed Joe Nathan, but lost Omar Infante and Jhonny Peralta, while the Dodgers biggest move of the off-season was to bring in Dan Haren. His pitching stats certainly can’t be argued with, but the big World Series contenders have a familiar look, and this means last season’s winners – the Red Sox (10/1) – might fancy their chances again. It is hard to say with certainly so early in the season though, and with other gambling options like Hot Shot out there, you don’t really need to.

A game like this baseball one from the successful slot company Microgaming developed for an iPad casino, should keep any baseball betting fan happily engaged until the season progresses a bit. For starters it gives you a chance to play for a jackpot worth $2000, but even those who don’t come away with that can still multiply their total payout several times over by playing it. Beyond the financial side though, Hot Shot is also loads of fun for MLB fans, offering visuals of players, baseball caps, catchers’ mitts and other baseball images, combined with sound effects of the crowd cheering and the bat hitting the ball. Together, all these features ensure it will definitely hit a home run for most fans of MLB betting.


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