Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Tyrod Taylor Your Bills Starting QB

By Steve

The Bills on Monday made the obvious yet some what surprising decision to name Tyrod Taylor the starting quarterback for the regular season. Obvious because Matt Cassel is like eating brand flakes and tap water. Surprising because Cassel is the safe pick.

(6'1 215 drafted 180th overall in 2011. Signed for 3 years but the 3rd season can be voided if he plays 50% of the snaps this year or next. )

But is Tyrod a legit QB? Who the hell knows. He is athletic but short, doesn't have any starts in the NFL yet has been in the league for four seasons.  Worst case scenario he falls flat and Cassel is starting week 5. Best case scenario Taylor shows he can play in the league and becomes a potential franchise QB.

I expect Taylor to play conservatively early on. Not EJ Manuel esque from 2014 but the idea would be to limit possible mistakes, run the ball and let the defense win games. The main thing TT HAS to do is put the ball down field. There is no point in having ANY QB that cant make plays 25+ yards down the field.

Moreover, Taylor needs to use his athleticism to bring a dimension Cassel and Manuel do not have. If he is to be successful he has to stay healthy. That means he cant take off and run any time there is any pressure 2.5 seconds after the snap of the ball.

Does he know how to avoid the big hits and avoid injury? Other than a couple high ankle sprains early on at Va-tech Taylor started every game his junior and senior years in the ACC.

The idea that he sat behind Joe "am i elite" Flacco for four years is intriguing and the fact that he legitemately beat out a former first round pick and a veteran is worth noting. Did the Bills find their diamond in the rough? We'll know soon enough.

Oh and thanks for a few memories and ten years of bo one believing in you Fred Jackson. It was time. You're old and a 4th stringer. Anyone remember last year when he was bitching about training camp and his contract? Oh i guess only I do.

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