Sunday, December 13, 2015

Eagles 23 Bills 20 Final

By Steve

Season ends in Philadelphia to an average team under .500. Sounds about right. Lol. Fuck my life.

Is Rex Ryan a worse coach than Doug Marrone? Really the question is whether he is a worse coach than Dick Jauron or Chan Gailey. Holy fuck. 15 penalties, throw long on every 3rd and short and fail at every turn.

How is the defense significantly worse with the same players? How is Tyrod Taylor throwing for 153 yards in the first half with ease and throwing for 109 in the second half when they need to pass the whole half?

Rex Ryan is a horrible head coach. Doug Whaley is an average at best general manager. The Bills havent been to the playoffs in 16 years and they are best least another 2 years away.

Assuming the Bills are bad again next year, they'll be stuck with an over priced average QB, a loser head coach with 2 more years on his contract and a defense with less talent than today.

This franchise is a nightmare and the city would be better if they moved. I wish I lived in San Diego or St Louis. Fuck

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