Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Terry Pegula Embraces Failure, We Lose

By Steve

Rex and Whaley are returning and HEY their complete and utter continued failure is perfectly fine with ol' ghost Terry Pegula. But hey, Rex has been here one year and Whaley drafted Sammy Watkins! Give em more time.

The real abomination from this statement is the continued embrace of loser piece of shit Russ Brandon. Is there anyone less qualified or more of a symbol of the last 16 years of ineptitude than Russ Brandon?

Russ is mentioned like he's a fucking owner! This guy still being associated with this franchise let alone being seeningly elevated within it is stupifing! It is incredible. It is the most insane thing I could possibly think of.

Russ Brandon? Russ fucking Brandon in the same damn breath as Kim and Terry???!? Unbelievable.

Nothing has or will change. This franchise will be pathetic and a failure for 16 more years.

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