Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Example 10,001 of Lame Buffalo Media

by Steve

We all know how insular, parochial, douchey shitty the local Buffalo media can be and is, especially the sports people who they they are holier than thou and OH SO SMART!  Here is another beauty of an example and this time from @TBNBucky Bucky aw shucks Gleason:

First the direct quote from his column
I would be in over my head, too, which would lead me to hire Bill Polian or somebody else as a consultant. The Bills need someone who doesn’t need the money and, therefore, has no financial stake in the organization. It means trusting him to take a cold, unsentimental and holistic look moving forward with the idea he can prevent the organization from taking a step back.
 Next my tweet
I swear is a genius. He has all the answers! Like hire bill polian as a consultant! Must have taken years to come up w that idea

His response:

"I see reading comprehension continues to be a persistent problem with certain trolls. Absent from third grade?"

I laugh and quote verbatim his sentence from his very own column I assume he doesn't read.

Then his response, a classic of the local media:
"You're still struggling, and trolling, despite quoting. You're also muted."

Ohhh geee Bucky thanks for letting me know in advance that I'm muted because I copy and paste your own words and prove you wrong.

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