Friday, April 29, 2016

2016 Buffalo Bills Draft After Round 3

By Steve

Three rounds, three picks, 3 defense front 7 selections. Clemson, Albama and Ohio State, Lawson, Ragland and Washington.

Are they all seeming good players? Yes. Did the Billa need any of them TWO years ago? No. Will they all make an impact this season? Probably.

It comes down to one question. Do you trust in, believe in, buy in, to REX RYAN.

The Bills err Doug Whaley used 5 picks for those three players. 2 fourth round 1 second and 1 first for those 3 players. All on defense. After two days the offense has been addressed zero iota. None. Zip. Zero. Wide receiver, oline, QB, all need attentiona dn depth yet Doug, Rex, Kim, GMTM and co decided front 7 defense was the only way to go.

Is this wise? Again it all comes down to one questio. Do you believe into, buy into, Rex Ryan? Clearly he is picking these players. They fit into HIS defense. They are HIS boys.

Will Rex be the head coach in 2018? Will these guys contribute regardless of the headcoach? Did they miss on a potential franchise QB? Is the offense set?

My opinion. NO.

Grade C+

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