Thursday, April 14, 2016

Re-Evaluating the Evander Kane Trade

By Steve

It has been 1+ seasons since the "blockbuster" Evander Kane trade went down. This breakdown doesnt even include the fact the Jets made the playoffs after this trade last season. But lets review:

The Sabres traded Tyler Myers, Drew Stafford, Joel Armia, Brandon Lemiuex and (2015 first round pick) Jack Roslovic for Evander Kane, Zach Bogosian and a college goalie.  On paper that looks like a horrible trade. Let's delve deeper.
Their contracts
Myers has 3 years $5.5 per left, Stafford is a FA Lemiuex and Roslovic earn basically nothing.  Bogosian has 4 years $5.1 per left, Kane has 2 years $5.25 left.
Stats this season
Kane 20 goals (FOUR WERE EMPTY NET) 15 assists 35 points -14
Stafford 21 goals 17 assists 38 points -23
Bogosian 7 goals 17 assists 24 points -11
Myers 9 goals 18 assists 27 points +6

So Myers and Stafford had more goals more assists more points than Bogosian and Kane?
Oh yeah that doesn't include the 31st overall pick the 28th overall pick and former 16th overall pick Joel Armia who had 4 goals and 6 assists in limited time this season in the NHL.

Ouch, looks like Tim Murray officially loses his genius title. So yes, this looks like an all time boner of a trade after one season. Then again the Jets look to be worse off than the Sabres (for different reasons) Stafford is a UFA, Myers and Bogosian are close to a wash and Armia and the 2015 first rounder are big questionmarks.

But, what can Evander Kane do at this point for the Sabres to even remotely "win" this trade? Seems impossible

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