Monday, April 24, 2017

2017 NFL Draft Preview Bills Team Needs

By Steve

Draft time! The draft is this Thursday, Friday and Saturday so no better time than the present to dive right in.

The Bills are tied with the Atlanta Falcons with the fewest draft picks available (six) god damn it Doug Whaley.. [update now 7 picks after Gillislee bounced]

The pick are as follows:
10th (first round)
44th (second round)
75th (third round)
156th (fifth round)
163rd (fifth round
171st (fifth round)
195th (sixth round)

They traded their 4th rounder 117th to Chicago in the Ragland trade last year and traded their 7th rounder 228th to Dallas but got their 5th in the Cassel trade.

Is Doug Whaley purposely bad at his job? He botches the draft, free agency, coaching hires, the salary cap, restricted free agency etc etc. Its truly astounding. The only thing he is actually competent at is making Tyrod Taylor sign team friendly contracts every few months.

(How and why did tiny Tyrod take less money at at time when quarterbacks like Mike Glennon are getting $50+ mil? And what does that say about his agent or moreover his perceived skill set in the league?) But I digress.

Buffalo Bills team needs in order
Would I go QB at ten? God no. I'd even be reluctant to go quarterback on day two. Thats just the way it goes when you have SEVENTEEN FUCKING YEARS of no playoffs hanging over your head like a chemtrail. Oof.

Gilmore is gone, Robey-Coleman is gone, Darby sucks and Seymore is still a mystery. One would think hiring all these defensive "geniuses" the Bills wouldnt have to waste high picks on defense since the braintrusts should be able to identify players that would thrive in their complex unique genius systems. YOU'D THINK THAT.

I like the Hyde signing but safety is an undervalued position. The Bills can't have too many dudes that can either ball hawk or D up on a tightend. MODERN NFL bro.

Wide Receiver
Haha yeah true why have WRs when you cant and dont use them in your offense with a limited QB (errr running back with a strong arm) but have you looked at the WR depth chart? Yikes!

Left tackle is seemingly all set but the right side is a disaster. One guy is a regular pot head with a limiting illness and the other guy has no legs and hopped up on synhetic pot. What the hell?

No Luke Kuechly on this squad Seany. Coach em up.

This draft will be fun and not in a good way.

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