Tuesday, April 25, 2017

2017 NFL Draft Preview: Quarterbacks

By Steve

T-minus 55 hours until the draft. Here is the first part of the Bills draft preview looking at team needs. Now its time to look at the quarterbacks.

The Bills biggest need at the most important position and a QB class with opinions going in every direction on at least a half dozen prospects.

What the hell are the Bills doing with Tyrod Taylor? He hasn't been good enough to elevate the team but hasn't been awful enough to tank the team. He is wholly average with an above average (from the team's perspective) contract.

If the Bills go quarterback at 10 overall (or worse [gasp] trade up) god help me. WHY EVEN BRING tiny TY BACK IF THE PLAN WAS TO GO QB AT 10?

The Bills are always middling it. They never go one way or the other. If the Bills go QB at 10 it wont be horrible but it will be confusing. Are they trying to win this year? Are they cutting Cardale? Can they trade tiny Tyrod? Is there a coherent short term and long term plan?

Quarterback Rankings :
(I wouldnt take any of these dudes in the top 11, Cleveland at 12 would be my target for whoever they think is the top guy)

1.  Deshaun Watson
There is a bias here because Ive seen this guy play for 2+ seasons in big games against the best players. He seems like a better Geno Smith (trying to not be racist). They are both lengthy skinny dudes with arms and sling the rock. He's my top QB.

2. Deshone Kizer
The Brady mixed with Cam comparison BY HIM was hilarious but I love the confidence. Not sure he's a first round talent but he could ride the pine and learn for a few years (aka good idea for the Bills late 1st or 2nd round).

3. Mitch Trubisky
Not sure what the hype around this guy is. It seems like in Nov/Dec there was no consensus top QB prospect but people annointed Trubs as THE GUY. Now, granted, I only watched 2 games and his bowl game(maybe thats because he played at UNC and only started like 12 games in his career) but the dude didn't seem like a highly draftable QB. (Bills please dont do something dumb like trade up for this flash in the pan).

4. Chad Kelly
Yes Im a homer but Chad is actually pretty good. There are a few problems though. First he needs to go ANY WHERE besides Buffalo. It would be a horrible idea. Too many yes men a, HUGE shadow and too much of a comfort zone. Second, the injuries. He isnt draftable (until the 6th round). So hes too high but talent and pro prospects alone he is ranked at least 4th..

5. Pat Mahomes
If we are building a baseball team I'd love this dude. But as a first round QB? Lol. At least he has the size 6'3 230 and started two years (plus he did beat out Davis Webb jettisoning him to Cal) but why leave after your junior year? Ok St is the most gimicky of gimicky offenses. He'll struggle to transition.

6. Josh Dobbs
Love me a Tennessee Vol! I have him above Brad Kaaya because Kaaya sucks. Who ever told that guy to leave Miami early should be fired. Dobbs started 2+ years at Tenn and had a decent senior year til the SEC eventually chewed em up. Wouldnt mind using a few of those 5th round picks to try and snag Fobbsie if Whaley and co smartly avoid  QB on day 1 and 2.

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