Thursday, April 20, 2017

Sabres Fire Tim Murray and Dan Bylsma

By Steve

Are we at the nexus of the universe? Is this real life? Corner of 1st and 1st? The Sabres are rebuilding a rebuild? And Russ Brandon is (seemingly) in charge of everything? Hahaha fuck my life.

Wait, maybe Jack Eichel is the GM coach president captain and part owner. I mean he was dafted 2nd overall and finished in 15th and 15th in the conference.

All we can do at this point is laugh.

Terry Pegula is the most confused, incompetent awful in over his head owner that can be imagined. Its not that Bylsma and Murray deserved to keep their jobs per se, but what is the point of hiring and firing people every two or three fucking years?

Russ Brandon is rasputent! He cant be killed! He keeps moving up and down and up in the organization pulling the strings calling the shots. Hiring then firing then getting promoted again, how is this all possible?


Terry Pegula needs to waddle in front of a god damn microphone immediately and have a thorough plan on where these pathetic organizations are going. But who the hell would even accept a job with this idiot? He goes through personnel like I go through clean underwear.

This is a ship with out a captain crew or clue. It cannot be overstated enough. Terry Pegula has absolutely no idea how to run a professional sports franchise and HE HAS TWO!

There is no easy or clear direction. There are no solutions. We are all fucked.


  1. Russ Brandon is the only thing that keeps these organization relevant. He's the jester, the purse, and the king. I love the guy.