Thursday, June 15, 2017

Sabres Hire Phil Housley as Head Coach meh

By Steve

So the new GM Botterill was a former Sabre and now the new head coach is a former Sabre (and was seemingly a bust). Are Buffalo sports franchises contractually obligated to hire people who have connections to the organizations?

Who knows if Housley is a good hire. Do coaches in the NHL mean ANYTHING? Anyone knew who Nashville's coach was before May? I still dont know who the Penguins coach is.

I guess at least he was a fast puck moving defenseman when he played. Maybe ol Phil can lace em up and be a player/coach! Or teach Rostonainen to not be a shitty defenseman. WHO KNOWS?

Didnt we all love the Bylsma hire because he had experience and delt well with superstar bitchboys? That worked! Oh wait no, lets get the opposite now!

Get ur shit together Botterill its gonna be a busy month bud.

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