Friday, June 30, 2017

The Buffalo News vs WGR550 the Ongoing Fued

By Steve

Everyone likes a good fued right? Especially when you hate both sides. And what else is twitter for other than petty fueds and weird beefs.

In the small market tiny world of Buffalo Sports Media there are basically two dogs. And theyre both asshats. The Buffalo News and WGR550. They hate each other, are seemingly polar opposites and always close to all out brawling. And only entertaining when going at each other.

And thats exactly what we got this morning with Jeremy White of WGR and Tim Graham of TBN. Fun!

Evidently White praised some interview barstool did with Jack Eichel saying theyre the best at interview. Graham (in his expected pompous self agrandizing way) ripped White for not doing the interview himself. He seemed intimating that White was lazy and WGR is too pussy to do good interviews. And sensitive whiney White took exception.

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