Friday, June 30, 2017

Sabres Trade for Defenseman Marco Scandella

Buffalo has acquired Jason Pominville, Marco Scandella and a 4th (2018) from Minnesota for Tyler Ennis, Marcus Foligno and a 3rd (2018).

Marco scandella has 3 years left on his contract $4 mil cap hit.
Pominville has 2 years left $5.6 mil hit
Tyler Ennis has 2 years left $4.6 mil hit
Foligno is an RFA but made $2.25 in 2016

Pominville had 21 goals and 51 points.

Dumping two bums for two actual hockey players seems like a good trade. The Sabres added a bunch of salary but nothing too long term. Ennis is done, getting rid of him seems like a minor miracle.

For that I like it but for the most part this seems like a nothing trade. This defenseman seems to be at best a second pairing guy. And just a guy. It seems like the Sabres knew they had no chance at Shattenkirk so decided to make a move to get rid of a bum for someone from their hey day that can still score.

A good trade but nothing to get erect about.

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