Thursday, August 3, 2017

2017 Bills Training Camp Report Week 1

By Steve

After a week at St John Fisher lets see what HOT TAEKS we have about the 2017 Buffalo Bills

Sean "Dougy" McDermott is a psychopath. He wakes up too early, sounds like a cliche machine and might "love" football a bit too much. Hes a mix of Jauron and Marrone with a little Levy sprinkled on top.

Marcell Dareus is still a fat turd.
At least hes not suspended yet but he did grt hurt. Bad hammy! Then again he doesnt need to practice any way. Lets hope he plays more than 8 games.

Tiny Ty is tiny
Guy is such a lil cutie. From "reports" hes as shitty as ever. FUN

The other Va Tech QB is TURNING HEADS
Who doesnt love an athlete turned tightend. No joke here, 3rd string project TE Logan Thomas has been reppin dem hokies and sounds like he can catch.

Sam Watkins is alive.
Who knew? Wait why the fuck did they not pick up his 5th year option?

Shady is good.

Reggie Ragland is not.

Mike Tolbert is a LOCKER ROOM GUY.

You can never have enough fullbacks.

Seantrell Henderson is still on the team. Also hes still suspended.

I still cant pick Brandon Beane out of a line up.

Terry Pegula is still dodging questions

WGR550 stick sucks

Sal Cappaccio has a cold.

Dougy McDermott loves waking up in the morning.

Why do the Bills practice at the Ralph Friday?

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