Saturday, August 26, 2017

Mayweather v McGregor REACTION

By Steve

Anyone that said this fight woukdnt be worth the money was wrong. Anyone (like me) who said Floyd (woman beater) was a lock (bet $90 to win $17) was righy.

Conor Mcgregor boxed wayyyyy better than I and most thought he would. The broadcast had him winning the first 3 rounds!

Did we get a knock out? No. But it was def worth the $0 I paid to go to (716) and stand in front a 90 foot tv.

They went 9+ rounds and it was a real battle. Both boxers were "gracious" after (well after they had 300+ mil in the bank) the fight and we all knew who won.

Great fight? No. Good fight? Yes. Best we can ask for rn.? Def.

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