Thursday, April 19, 2018

2018 Buffalo Bills Schedule Predictions

By Steve

The schedule is coming today so its time to make some predictions.

First what we do know, the opponents. The Bills will play:
LA chargers
Detroit Lions
Chicago Bears
Jax Jaguars
Tennessee Titans
Dolphins, Jets, Patriots

Houston Texans
Green Bay Packers
Indianapolis Colts
Minnesota Vikings
Baltimore Ravens
Dolphins, Jets, Patriots

The Bills will start the season at home, and Ill predict the Jaguars. (Im already getting flash backs to the 2004 home opener [more over that whole season could be a doppleganger for the entire season, rookie QB gets hurt, defense is good.. uhoh]).

The Bills will have one and only 1 primetime game. Early November against the Dolphins.

The season will end with a meaningless road loss at the Patriots.

There will be another 4+ home games after Thankagiving pissing off every 45+ year old in the area.

Christmas Eve is on a Monday so Buffalo wont be effected.

Look for a tough 3 game stretch vs N.E. at Vikings at Packers tanking the season in mid October.

All 1pm games.


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