Monday, April 23, 2018

2018 NFL Draft Preview: Quarterback Rankings

By Steve

Time to put together my final ranking of the quarterback class of 2018! Here is my list of Bills draft needs. Look for a podcast later this week.

2018 QB rankings:

1. Josh Rosen
Easy choice. He has the size the production and the intelligence. The injury history is concerning but there is no sure fire baller in this class.

2. Sam Darnold
The hype around this guy because of one great bowling game last season artificially inflated this dude. Whether or not the USC quarterback thing is real or not still gives me some hesitation. He had a mediocre 2017 and turns the ball over too much. High floor low ceiling.

3. Lamar Jackson
Liddle Shoulders Lamar is a potential star in the ride system with the right coaches. When are NFL franchises going to realize how important offensive continuity is and pay their O.C. as much as the head coach or close to it? LSL runs a lot which wont work in the NFL but he can sling the rock too.

4. Josh Allen
He can't hit the broad side of a barn and struggled in the Mountain West. Who the hell does Wyoming even play? He has the size and arm but if he isnt Joe Flacco reincarnate then I dont know football.

5. Mason Rudolph
Too bad the big 12 doesn't play defense so its tough to judge these dudes much. Id like this guy in the 2nd round.

6. Baker Mayfield
Short as hell, athletic and an ass hole who runs from cops. I dont get the appeal and I have no interest in this dude. Liddle Baker Tebow isnt on my big board.

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