Monday, April 23, 2018

2018 NFL Draft Preview: Buffalo Bills Needs

By Steve

Tough to argue with the idea that this is the biggest Bills draft in franchise history. The roster is talentless, Buffalo has two selections in each of the first 3 rounds and the pressure of the playoff drought had been lifted. McBeane and co (even fuckin russ god damn brandon [shoot me]) better not mess this up.

The selections:
53 (2nd round)
56 (2nd round)
65 (3rd round)
96 (3rd round)
121 (4th round)
166 (5th round)
187 (6th round)

Biggest Needs Ranked

1. Quarterback
Could AJ McCaaron be decent? Maybe, but he certainly wont be great. There was a reason the front office dumped player after player the last 10 months. To build an arsenal to land a highly touted QB. Its doable and its mandatory they do it.

2. Wide Receiver
Does anyone in their right mind have faith in meth boy Zay Jones or no knees Kelvin Benjamin or Jeremy yes hes a Bill Kerley?

3. Linebacker
Who the hell is the middle linebacker? Who are any of the linebackers? 48 year old Lorenzo Alexander?

4. Cornerback
Vontae Davis is on a one year prove it deal and is a major question mark.

5. Guard
Its this low because guards are guards. Groy is probably ok enough.

6. Runningback
Shady is old and the bums behind him arent good.

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