Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Bills 2019 Schedule Worst of All Time?

by Steve

What do people look at first when the NFL schedule comes out? Where is the first game and who is the game again?  What do people look at second?  When is the home opener. What do they look for third?  Prime time games.  The Bills lose in all three categories.

Unbelievably the Bills don't play at home week one or week two and have zero prime time games.  There are 46 prime time games with 92 teams participating.  The Bills are none of those 92 teams.

The best (and likely) only good part of a Bills season is starting at home in Orchard Park.  The Bills don't do that until they are likely 0-2 (they'll be dawgs in both road games) and then come home to play fuckin Cincinnati.  The Bengals are 1b to the Bills 1a of being the most irrelevant over looked useless team in the NFL.  Then they get to lose to the Patriots week 4!

Even if Buffalo wins just one of their first two then the week 3 home opener will be a must win season breaking game because starting out 1-3 and all hope is lost.

Some people are pointing to the Thanksgiving game vs Dallas as a bright spot.  But why is playing a game in the middle of dinner (I actually will have two different family dinners at two different houses scheduled during the 4:30pm game)?  Who wants to watch a Bills game with Aunt Karen and her fuckin loud kids in a cramped hot house?

Even the fun road trips at Pittsburgh and at Cleveland are late in the year when Buffalo will likely already be out of it and the season is over.

Moreover, the Bills have three straight home games and 5 out of 7 weeks we have to go to the stadium.  Good luck with your marriages. 

And if you are an optimist for some reason that thinks the Bills might have a chance to be good this year they finish with 5 of their last 7 games coming on the road.  The Bills were 2-6 on the road last year.

Yeah I would have likely found something to complain about, but this is truly the worst schedule I could imagine from a season ticket holder stand point.  Shoot me

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