Thursday, April 25, 2019

Buffalo Bills Draft Ed Oliver DT

By Steve

The Bills didnt trade as was widely reported and instead stood tough at 9. True, the Broncos at 10 over all traded out smartly because they know how math and odds work but Buffalo's board musta been different.

Instead of getting more players and value and exploiting inefficences the Bills took a defensive tackle to replace Marcell Dareus. Of course Big Daddy was traded for a 5th round pick after getting a $100  mil contract. But hey value?

Just dont wear a raincoat or Oliver will get yelled at. Hey, maybe Eddie boy can be the next Aarron Donald but Id better everything he wont be.

Who needs weapons when you over drafted a project QB and have one of the most talent depleted offenses in an a league where winning is predicated on

Sure Ed Oliver is a good player snd constituted good "value" at 9 but is he what will help the franchise QB the most?

Grade B- (gift)

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