Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Buffalo Bills 2019 Draft Preview: Needs

By Steve

The only Bills NFL Draft previews you will need are right here. First lets take a look at the Buffalo Bills biggest needs headed into the 2019 draft.

The Bills draft picks:
112, 131
147, 158
225, 228
(There are 254 draft picks)

There arent exactly huge holes all over this roster because McBeaner and co have signed every free agent that bats an eyelash at them. Sure they signed a lot of dudes but are any of them even decent? The linemen were mostly journeymen or reserve players except the center they overpaid. The WRs are just meh and Kroft the tightend is a project at best. Thus the Bills needs are (in order):

Wide Receiver
Joshy poo Allen needs weapons. Cole Beasley, Zay Jones, undrafted Foster and John Brown arent scaring anyone. Who out of that group do you trust on 3rd and 9? Who out of that group are you throwing to in the endzone late in the 4th quarter?

Defensive End
If quarterback is the only position that matters then how do you effect the QBs play? Hitting him and picking him off. The Bills are set in the secondary but the D line is devoid of difference makers. Jerry Hughes is inconsistent, Shaq Lawson is just a body and Yarbrough is nobody. A game effecting edge rusher is a must.

Tight End
Gone is my boy Charles Clay and in is Tyler Kroft? Wtf? He had 4 catches last year and a paltry 67 in a useless 4 year career. Great Tight Ends are matchup nightmares in the NFL. The Bills have never had a great one or even a good one. Sorry Scott Chandler fans. There are  few alleged blue chippers outta Iowa that would look good down the seam at OBD.

Offensive Tackle
The offenive line last year was abysmal. Blame the Wood injury and Beane lowballing Richie, sure, but Dion Dawkins was a turnstyle last year. The bandaid free agents arent a real answer. Going tackle 9 isnt ideal but if they can get the top OT n the board its easier to stomach.

Running Back
TJ Yeldon is a solid signing but a bad sign. Are the Bills really content going into the season with McCoy and Gore two old ass bums toting the rock and Yeldon catching the ball all season? They need to get younger, a lot younger, like 2 decades younger, oof.

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