Monday, November 26, 2012

Bills 13 Colts 20 F

by steve

Classic Bills loss. The saddest part about yet another choke job L against an inferior team on the road is that this was considered a "big game".  What if the Bills had to beat an actually good team.  A playoff team? A team with a real head coah? A team with a decent defense?

God help us all.  The coach is officially worse than Jauron.  The QB couldn't complete a pass down field if it meant saving his familea life and they'll both be back next year!

Yet again I must ask, can things possibly get worse?

After the game I said two things I never thought I would. "i dont want to get season tickeys next season. And i sort of hope the team leaves this isn't worth it".

What other insight or interesting tidbit need I provide? This am Gailey said it was fred's turnto go in in that fourth quarter drive. KILL ME

Read this a few times and tell me if it makes any sense?
“The pass rush had a lot to do with that,” Gailey said, referring to Colts edge rushers Dwight Freeney and Robert Mathis. “They were doing a good job with their pass rush and we ended up trying to throw the ball a little bit more on first down and second down.

“But then you go back, C.J. is running the ball extremely well,” Gailey said. “So do you want to throw it to stay away from those obvious passing situations, where they got the pass rush coming? Do you want to throw it and not hand the ball to C.J.? So we were trying to strike a balance in those two thought processes.”

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