Saturday, November 3, 2012

Bills @ Texans Preview

by Steve

Other than backup running back, do the Bills have a better player at any position than the Houston Texans?  Yeah Matt Schaub isn't good, Gary Kubiak is a mediocrity and they got killed a few weeks ago by a decent at best Packers team, but they are still far superior to the Buffalo Bills.  That is how pathetic this franchise is right now.

Buffalo is a 10.5 point dawg coming off the bye (albeit Houston is too).  Coming off the bye with Chanwhick at the helm at OBD the Bills have actually played quite well.  Last year it was the Washington (in Toronto) beat down W.  The year before that it was the Baltimore L in overtime.  (Houston with Kubs is 2-4 after the bye fwiw)

I don't have one reason to believe the Bills have a chance to win this game let alone cover.  Is JJ Watt and co. overhyped at this point?  Yes, but the Bills defense is so abysmal Ryan Fitz-noodle-arm-Fitzpatrick would have to score 40 points for Buffalo to have a shot.  Other than the aforementioned GB game the most the Texans have surrendered is 25.

This is the third straight home game for Houston (haven't played on the road in a month) maybe they are all sick of hanging out with their wives/families and are due for an L.  Maybe anything can happen in the National Football League.  Maybe Houston is looking to next week when they play the Bears?

Eh, I tried.

37-19 Houston Texans.


  1. 27-24 Bills. Etch it in stone.


  2. Houston Texans made it on 2nd and first for this week next to Miami.. :D good job team!