Thursday, November 29, 2012

UB 39 temple 54 F

By steve

Is Reg Witherspoon serious? 39 points? 3 free throw attempts TOTAL? Javon McCray catching the ball 25 feet from the tin?

What I watched last night from my comped courtside seats was not basketball but I have no god damn clue what it was.

What the hell is worse with UB Bulls athletics right now, 'spoon's 14 year failed tenure or Jeff Quinn getting a contract EXTENSION??!?

Yeah the hoops team lost their best player and it will take time to gel but they looked pathetic.  Two points in the first 9 minutes? Temple didnt even play well and they crushed these guys.

If McCray doesn't touch the ball in the paint just about every time it is a failure.  He is now a junior and he has seemingly regressed.  Reg hasnt been able to recruit one decent guard that isnt scared to drive the lane?

Last thing, Will Regan, the Virginia drop oit sucks. He looked weak timid and devoid of confidence. What happen to his former back to back TBN player of the year?

Get your shit together Danny White.

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