Sunday, November 11, 2012

New England Patriots 37 Bills 31 F

by Steve

I almost forgot what it felt like to be thoroughly dissapointed after an L and didn't think I cared about this season any more.  But on that last drive I actually had hope and thought the Bills some would actually win.

We've seen Ryan Fitzpatrick and co do it to this team before.  Why didn't the Bills give it to CJ Spiller more? Even on that last drive?  The injury to Donald Jones hurt.  Fred fuckin Jackson did his best to allow the team to lose. Two lost time outs on that last drive fucking hurt too.

Brandon Spikes has elevated himself to piece of shit status.  I hate that guy.  Mario Williams did next to nil.   Fitzpatrick played really well.  That is pretty tough for me to say.  I haven't even referred to him as his nickname yet.  Yeah, he threw the INT to end the game but I might might blame that on a rookie WR playing a position he shouldn't have been, at least not nine games into his career.

Overall this game is a perfect summation of the entire tenure of Chanwick Gailey with the Buffalo Bills.  Just enough to not win.  The penalties were a disaster.  The refs were a fuckin joke, honestly a joke.  I'm not blame the ref guy, but c'mon some of those pass interference calls were awful.  Even the announcers called out the refs.

Bottom line, the Bills should have won and didn't.  On a day when Spiller was unstoppable, Fitzpatrick played extremely well and Tom Brady couldn't score a TD in the fourth quarter, the Bills still lose.  I guess it is good to know I still care and can trick my self into hope still..or not


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