Thursday, August 22, 2013

Buffalo Bills Player Power Ranking

By Steve

Erik James is hurt, we are in the midst of another boring preseason and the home opener is still 2.5 weeks away so lets power rank the top 10 Bills:

1. EJ Manuel
The rookie franchise quarterback is obviously the most important player on the roster. If the dude even sneezes hard we get nervous.

2. Stephone Gilmore
If it is a quarterback driven league that means you need some ballers in the secondary.  The high ranking for the second year CB outta SC is partly based on the dramatic drop off in talent behind ol' Gilly. We will know this season whether he is a stud or not.

3. Stevie Johnson
He is hurt a lot but never misses a game and always produces.  SJ13 is no superstar but he is as close ad the Bills get. Also he may not even be a top echelon WR but there is nothing proven behind him.

4. Eric Wood
I am a believer in the center position and Wood is a solid if not great center. He was a high draft pick, he gets hurt a lot but seems to be a leader on the team.  When he is out a dramatic drop off is evident.

5. Mario Williams
Might be too high but his $100 mil contract says he is important.  Producing 10.5 sacks was seen as a failure and he will never live up to the cash.  If he can stay healthy and avoid the dumb shit he usually gets into he'll be fine.

6. Jairus Byrd
Someone has to cover all these safties, make plays and be a pro bowler. Byrd does all those things. If he whines about his one year deal I'll hate him but the guy has talent.

7. CJ Spiller
The useless position he plays on the team kills his ranking.  No doubt he is a stud but running backs have a short shelf life and are generally replaceable.  He will never live up to where he was draft at least to me.

8. Cordy Glenn
Left tackle is becoming less and less important with the way offenses are playing these days.  However Glenn was drafted high and still protects the QBs back.

9. Scott Chandler
Debatable to be on the list but tight ends are the new sliced bread, or something. The Bills need this guy to be fully recovered and open up the middle of the field/red zone.

10 Jeff Tuel
QB controversy! Nah but I hate Kevin Kolb and Im not putting snokin Bradham or Leodis "i only return kicks " McKelvin here.

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