Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Jairus Byrd Signs Bills 1 Year Tender

by Steve

Well, that was a bit unexpected.  Today Jairus Byrd ended his holdout and signed his one year franchise tender for the Buffalo Bills worth $6.196 mil.  Earlier today one of the two Dougs was saying there was no new info on Byrd's contract.  Then poof, he's signed.  I'll take it. More from the Buffalo News:

The Bills and Byrd did not negotiate a “no-tag” provision for 2014, meaning the Bills could use the franchise tag on him again next year, but to do so it would cost them nearly $8.3 million, as the franchise rules dictate that Byrd receive a 20 percent raise over his 2013 salary.
That to me is a bit surprising as well.  Why wouldn't Byrd request a no tag clause for next season?  Did the Bills refuse? Who would complain about $8.3 (possibly more) again next season after $7 mil this season?  Does this open the door for a long term contract after the season?  Are we going to go through this whole non-story non-song-and-dance next summer?  Who knows.

Basically, Byrd had two options (because I assume he wasn't foolish enough to actually sit out any regular season games), he could have reported after training camp so he didn't have to go to training camp or he could have reported after the preseason.

Ol' Jairus chose the more prudent and wise of his two options.  Now he has time to learn the new defense Mike Pettine is cooking up, which will only benefit Byrd this year and presumably in the long term.  Furthermore, he will only have to play in (at most) one preseason game.  I'd say there is no chance he plays this Sat. v Washington.  If he chose to report after the last preseason game, that would have only left him about 8 days to get ready for the opener as oppose to 18 days.  Win win.

Other than a new scheme and new coaching staff what do veterans really need a whole training camp and preseason for any way?  I never understand all the bluster and complaining people made of the whole situation.  As long as Byrd is in shape, he'll be ready to roll come 9/8/13 and he avoided some dumb injury in meaningless practices or fake games.  Everyone knew he was going to show up it just came down to when.

Now sign a long term contract and I may end my long hiatus of not buying Bills jerseys. 

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