Monday, February 24, 2014

2014 NCAA Tournament Bracketology: Buffalo

by Steve

Selection Sunday is a mere 18 days away and the NCAA Tournament kicks off in Buffalo on the 20th.  The question on everyone's mind is, who is playing in Buffalo?  So I will be yet again taking a look at some "expert" predictions and their bracketology.

Who doesn't love some bracketology in February and March.  What else is there to do in this cold climate besides watch and gamble on college basketball.  Then again for more information you can read The Best NCAA Tournament Bubble Teams to Bet on Before March Madness


Joe Lunardi ESPN:

1. Syracuse v 16. High Point or Robert Morris (winner of a play in game)
8 Memphis v 9. California

6. Iowa v 11. St Joseph's
3. Villanova v 14. New Mexico St.

CBS Sports:

7. UMass v 10. California
2. Cincinnati v 15. Boston U

1. Syracuse v 16. Vermont
8. George Washington v 9. Arizona St

USA Today:

1. Syracuse v 16. VMI v Robert Morris winner
8. Stanford v 9. Kansas St

7. Memphis v 10. St Joe's
2. Villanova v 15. Vermont

Yet again, despite 2 L's, Syracuse seems to be a lock as a one seed here, Memphis, Vermont and Villanova mentioned by multiple sites. It also looks like a PAC12 team will be here (yuck) and one or two A10 teams.

Uconn is a consensus six seed while Pitt is an eight seed (albeit neither are predicted to play here any more).  I don't really understand their similar seeding since Uconn has wins over Memphis, Florida and Memphis again although they too aren't ranked any more after getting season sweeped by SMU.  But what is Pitt's best win? Close L's to cuse and Duke?

It's all about the eye test! Selection Sunday!

Local RPI report:
St Bonaventure - 91
UB - 105
Canisius - 102
Niagara - 294

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