Saturday, February 1, 2014

Super Bowl 48 Prop Bets

Everyone loves a good prop bet and that includes us.  Here are our favorite prop bets for the forty-eight Super Bowl:


Russel Wilson over 36.5 rushing yards

Percy Harvin will have a rushing attempt (-210)

Peyton Manning longest pass over 36.5 yards

Wes Welker over 57.5 receiving yards

Total interceptions in the game over 1.5(-140)


Montee Ball under 35.5 yards rushing

Eric Decker under 63.5 receiving yards

Russel Wilson under 213.5 pass yards

Marshawn Lynch over 94.5 yards rushing

Will the person that calls the toss get it right, no (-115)


  1. LOL What a joke that is Steve, why would anyone take the coin flip bet at -115?

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